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About Me

My name is Tash, I graduated with a degree in Web Computing.

Travelling and Photography are two of my main interests outside of computing. I enjoy taking photos at events and just in my spare time. I'm really interested in geography and one day I hope to travel all over the world, or at least to every continent! I also used to collect Furbies, and still have just over 100 in my room at home (be very afraid...).

Photoshop is my best friend (most of the time...) for drawing, photo manipulation but mainly graphic design. Take a look at some of my work below..

Flyers and Print

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iLive Summer Flyer bbq Brunch Events Carol Service Movie Night Cafe Big Banner Fresh Pancake Students Trust Italy Students 2

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Other Projects

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TaxiApp Processor Shirt font Lajka

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Coming Soon!

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